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Website Design Cape Town is up to date with the latest trends in modern website design. We are passionate about what we do and love being part of the ever changing trends online. Web Design Cape Town is a highly competitive industry but with our applied knowledge and skill set, we will always deliver an affordable, professional service.

We are a reputable web company with a very large customer base, mainly due to the great service, we pride ourselves in delivering. We offer unique designs, at affordable rates, and we always make our deadline. Our services include but are not limited to web design and domain registration, we also provide the service of hosting your website and we are able to design any type of E-Commerce site as well. SEO and online marketing is also part of our skill set. To know more about our services, click on the link.

Not only will our site provide you with the necessary information about us and what we do, you can also get the latest news about what’s happening on Google and other online happenings. We are also posting articles in our blog updating you with the latest trends online, and a few other interesting discussions you can partake in. Since we offer more than one website design package, we have made it even more “user friendly” by making them responsive and mobile friendly thus giving you access to your website at any time of the day. This is especially useful for when you want to monitor your incoming traffic and if you want to see how many visitors your website gets on a daily basis. Monitor your site from the palm of your hand.

Social media is the talk of Cape Town. There is always something new popping up somewhere and there is always something better than the last. Facebook is the most popular, most used social networking site. It can be used to see what’s happening with your friends or it can be used to market your business in Cape Town, your services and what you specialize in. People don’t just want to read up about what you do, they want to see it! Social Media Marketing is the very best way of getting your product seen and heard of. Twitter, Instagram, Stumble Upon, You Tube, Pinterest … The list goes on, and it’s endless. You can never have too many profiles, and you can never have enough.

With all the packages we offer, be it a basic web design or an advanced shopping cart, we include an hour free maintenance and updates to your site. We also provide you with the option to re-do instead of re-designing your site. We are professionals we know what is best for you and your website, however, at the end of the day, the final decision is yours and we respect our clients’ needs and requirements. Be the first to know about our latest web offers and design specials we're running, sign up to receive our free newsletter today.