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Google Adwords

Google has an advertising platform called Google Adwords, which allows you to advertise your website under "sponsored links" on the 1st page of the results for keywords relevant to the services or products you offer.

The costs work on a PPC system - Pay Per Click

This is how it works:
eg. You sell "blue suede shoes"

A user searches for "blue suede shoes" on Google. On the 1st page of the results, there are organic rankings and sponsored links. Your ad will appear under sponsored links. The top 3 links are usually displayed in a yellow/ cream block and the other on the right hand side.

When the user clicks on your ad to go to your website, then you pay for that click. The cost varies depending on how many other websites there are that also want to be displayed for those keywords.

The more competitors there are the more expensive it is. Lets just, for example, say the cost per click is R5, then it depends on at which position your ad was displayed for that cost. If your ad was displayed at position no.1 in the yellow/ cream block, then you can decide to lower your cost per click to R2.50, which means your ad will no longer be displayed at position 1, but perhaps now only at position 5, but you are still advertising on the first page of Google.

So what this means is that you can decide what you want to pay per click, but your bid will determine where you are displayed. If we use the example above and you decide to bid for only R0.50 a click, your ad might only be displayed on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google.

We make use of Google Adwords and it is very effective. We are Google Adwords Qualified Individuals and what that means is that we know how to optimize a campaign so that you can pay less for a click and still be displayed on the 1st page.

So many people think, "what if someone is going to click on my ad all day long, it might cost me millions" - NO, you decide a daily budget and Google has a system in place to prevent users from clicking on your ad all the time.

So we suggest, give it a try, decide on a budget that you would like to test a trial and we will optimize and manage the campaign for you.

We do not charge a setup fee, only a 25% campaign management fee. So if you decide to spend R500 a month on Adwords, we are only getting R125 for managing your campaign.