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Domain Registrations

Choosing the right domain name is an important step in your online goals.

Do you use your company name which will assist in Branding your Business or do you use keywords to Describe your Services, which will help in rankings in search engines easier and in a higher quality score when using Google Adwords.

If a company in cape town offers domain registrations, lets call them "ABC Reg", do they call their domain abcreg.co.za or do they rather go with domainregistrationscapetown.co.za?

It really depends on what it is that you would like to achieve online, but very often you can even consider registering both.

Domain Registration Cape Town would give the customer a clear explanation about the services they offer and such a domain name would probable rank well in search engines, it would also lower their CPC, Cost per Click in Google Adwords, but it will not really help with building a well known Brand in the long run.

If they register abcreg.co.za, it might not help that much in lower advertising fees or rankings, but it will certainly help them more to be known as ABC Reg as a Brand.

Our recommendation would be is to register both - domain registrations cape town and abc reg.

Speak to us about Domain Name Registration and we will explain what you have to consider before doing so.

Do you register a .co.za or a .com? Local vs. International

Do you register variations of your domain name, to ensure no one else can have a similar domain name?

Domain Registration is included in our packages.

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