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So what is the purpose of a website?

I get so many enquiries from business owners that want a website and when I ask them what is the purpose of their website, they don't have a clue. "I just want a website, because every business should have a website". Although that is true, the question remains, what is the purpose of your website?

Will it be for advertising or will it be just to showcase your products and services? Bottom line is that YES, you do need a website, and I'll explain the potential benefits thereof. Forget about what everyone is saying that there are millions of people online and that your website will get all the exposure to these millions of users. You will only get the exposure if you advertise your website to the users that are actually interested in your business... your target audience. But what if you do not advertise your website on the internet, how do you benefit from a website then? Well, when you advertise your website's address on your business cards, your emails, your brochures or any other form of offline media, you are now also advertising your website. Your website now acts as a full colour brochure of your business, where anyone can go and have a look at the products and services you offer. Not like in the past, where if someone wanted more information on the services you offer, you had to either make an appointment to go and see them or explain your product/ service to them telephonically or send them a fax (in black and white) or more recently send them an email, with a large presentation attachment.

Now you have the opportunity for users to access your services or products at any time, without you even knowing about it.But what is important is that when a user visits your website, that you want to make contact with him/her, because a website will never be able to sell your product or service better that what you can. So it is important to have a website that will be able to get the users contact details. If your website looks old, out-dated, a very poor design, there is no action required or the user is not invited to fill in their information, your website means nothing!!! So very important! Make sure you get a web designer that knows what the purpose of a website should be.

It should look professional, visually appealing and it should portray your brand, but most important, it needs to be inviting to the user to leave their details in order for you to generate leads. Sales principles apply to your website too. I see so many smart websites out there, similar to me walking into a high-end fashion retail store. I see how beautiful the store looks, all the latest fashions that I love, but there is not a single person in sight asking me if I require assistance, nobody to convince to try something on. O' my word, it is just pathetic!!!

Two very important fundamentals of a successful website:Information & Interaction"For the search engines, Content is King" The above statement is VERY true, if you are going to get many visitors to your site. Because then you will do well in the rankings of Google and other search engines. But content is just as important to the users that visits your website. The more information you have about your products or services, or even more information about your industry in general, the more credibility your website will have.If I speak to someone that knows what is going on in a specific industry and they give me advice about the pitfalls I should look out for, or they give me tips and advice, I am more likely to engage in business with that person, as he knows what he is talking about. That is the kind of business I want to deal with.

Similar to this article you are reading now. I want to show you that I know what I'm talking about. I give advice and I tell you what the pitfalls are, I am credible. My name is Brian and I am a professional web designer that knows the internet, websites and above all, I know how to design a successful website. After all, that is what you are looking for. If you would like to get more info or just have a chat to me about your business and a website, feel free to contact me.