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How do I choose the right web designer for my website?

Probably the most important question of all. Choosing the right website designer for your website will determine the difference between success and failure. If you should type in "Website Designer" - pages from South Africa - in Google, you will get +/- 5000 listings of different designers in South Africa alone. So which one do you choose? All of them are the same, are they not?

A website designer is a website designer. NO NO NO, unfortunately not. Different website designers specializes in different kinds of websites. There are also different languages in which a website can be designed. Deciding on a website designer depends on what you want your website to do and how it is done. The amount of pages your website will have will not influence your decision, but more importantly the functionality of those pages. Do you need a content management system? Do you require just basic HTML? Do you want images and text moving and flying across the screen using Flash? These are very important questions, because you cannot expect a designer that specializes in CMS to give you the same result if you want a Flash website.

So what do you need? We get so many users sending us requests for a quote and all they say is, "I want a website". The big question is - What do you want your website to do? Once you can answer this question, only then should you source a designer that specializes in your requirements. Something else you should remember is that not all website designers are graphic designers eg. you might see this very smart website on the internet. Its smart, the graphics are cool, wow, but the functionality of the website does not work properly. You might find a website that looks very clean, little images, straight forward, but the functionality of the website and the code in which it is written is so perfect, that it can win an award. Finding the designer in-between is the most difficult.

The person that can design the wow website and the functionality of the website works perfectly. Oh yes, something else. It doesn't really matter where the website designer is based. You can even get a person in China to design your website, as long as he/she can speak English of course.... joke. No seriously. With the internet and email today communication is not a problem, and sometimes it even works better than sitting in a meeting face to face scratching on a piece of paper, where you can not really see the full effect. We usually suggest that you supply us with a website that has the same functionality as what you want, and then a few samples of other websites that you like the look and feel of.