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Content is King!

Search Engines just loves content, that is after all what the Internet is all about - Information. So yes, they will regard your website more important if you have variety of information on a specific topic eg. if you are selling blue suede shoes, you can give information on: shoes in general, suede, the colour blue, the different kind of suede you get, Elvis' blue suede shoes, suede fabric, how it is made, etc, etc, etc. You get the point.

More people will visit your website now, because your website is now not only about selling blue suede shoes, but everything about it. And that is what the search engines like. If someone types in "blue suede shoes" in Google, they will rank your website on the first page if not no.1, because they know that you will be able to find all the information you require. So how does all of this content affect your website's sales? That's an easy question, you are now ranked on the first page of Google!!!! Whenever anyone will search for anything related to "blue suede shoes" your website is no.1.

I get so many business owners that ask me, "Brian will you get my website on the first page of Google?" and then they supply me with: "Hi, I'm John, I'm a plumber, I do plumbing in Gauteng, phone me if you want a quote", with a picture of John and his bakkie with a logo that was designed in Paint. And that's it! Now John expects me to get his website ranked in Google on the first page for the keywords "plumber Gauteng". I can design the best looking website and keyword optimize that website and get traffic to that website as much as I want, but Google will not list that website on the first page. Do you blame them? Do you want to get John's website on the first page or do you want a website that will give information about plumbing. Advice, tips, pictures, DIY, pitfalls, etc. I'm not saying don't design a website if you do not have all the content information, all I'm saying is don't expect to be listed on the first page.

More Content/ Information will increase your chances of being ranked on the first page of Google and the other search engines. You can still advertise your website on the first page, with Google Adwords, or you can advertise your website on other websites that are listed on the first page, so don't despair. Fill in the form on the right and I will phone you to discuss your website and the content you have that we can work with or I will suggest the kind of content you should use.